Olympic hopeful and European gold medallist Felicity, has already made a name for herself on both the national and international eventing circuits; having won on both. She prides herself on being a hard working, dedicated athlete, who has the drive and talent to succeed at the top. She has built up a small, successful string of horses up to 5* level, but is always looking for more to join the team. She is a proud member of the World Class Programme, and has also been on a senior GB nations cup team.




Vicky is the backbone of the everything that goes on at our home base in East Sussex. Vicky is a well known name on the Eventing circuit, having ridden successfully to 4* and shortlisted for the Atlanta Olympics 1996 on her homebred Welton Molecule. Vicky is the absolute definition of a grafter – someone who has made everything from nothing! She is chief lorry driver, groom, trainer, mentor, supporter and owner…everyone who knows her would agree that Felicity wouldn't be where she is now without her.

job vacancy

Home & away groom

We are tentatively looking for a home and away groom, after the current lock down ends. Please contact us for more information.

Claire Penfold

Freelance groom

Claire is one of our long standing DIY liveries, and doubles up with being  a great help in covering the yard for us when we are away at competitions or need an extra hand. Claire also has a third interest in our team as an owner of Dantastic, a horse Felicity occasionally competes on her behalf. She is brilliant with all of our horses, and is usually seen whizzing round the yard quicker than the speed of light!



Caroline has been training Felicity since 2013, and is not only an incredible trainer who leaves no stone unturned, but an mentor for Felicity too. Being the Junior Team Trainer, Caroline helped Felicity & RSH Contend'Or to perform to their best at the European Championships 2016. She is so generous with her time, a huge confidence giver, and always on hand for any help or advice. Although Felicity is now a Senior, Caroline continues to be a large part of Felicity’s, and the horses, progression up the levels.



Equine Physio

Suzannah at PW Equine Physio is a valued team member of Felicity Collins Eventing. She is a fully qualified equine physiotherapist, and very thorough in her work. We are so pleased to have Suzannah on board as not only as our physio but also as a sponsor. Suzannah is able to regularly assess and treat the horses throughout their busy competition schedule. This ensures optimal comfort and performance, with the aim to iron out any potential niggles before they become a problem. 




Gareth is our long standing farrier, he shoes the horses beautifully and is always on hand to help in an emergency. How he manages to put up with our various requests, and the thankless task of trimming our naughty foals and youngsters too, we will never know. Gareth is a key team member and never misses a beat, and we know our horses comfort and performance is just as important to Gareth as it is to us. He is a vital part of any of our success stories - as the saying goes, ‘no foot, no horse’.



Equine Dentist

Charlee at CMB Equine Dentistry is an essential member of the team. She can pick up on the tiniest of details thanks to her vast experience and thorough approach. Keeping the horses comfortable in their mouths is very important to us, as it will impact performance and how the horses feel to ride. Felicity and Charlee work together to discuss each horse individually, and match up any concerns from ridden to dental. Charlee also kindly sponsors Felicity - find out more about CMB Equine Dentistry on the sponsors page.