Feed & Supplement Specialists

Felicity is proud to be an official sponsored rider of TopSpec. Created without compromise, and BETA/NOPS approved, TopSpec has been an obvious feed & supplement choice for Felicity’s horses. TopSpec is invaluable for keeping all the horses – from the youngsters to Advanced eventers - looking and feeling amazing. No coat shine products needed! Felicity would not want to feed anything else, and  is always grateful for the support and advice the team at TopSpec provide.

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Saddles & Leather Equipment

Voltaire Design offers innovative, chic riding saddles that are high-end tailor-made. Felicity first began riding in Voltaire in 2015, and fell in love with Voltaire’s close contact range and the flexibility to use on more than one horse. Recognisable by their striped gutter, the Voltaire Design saddles are made in France, with the best French leather, and are customisable to infinity. Voltaire will always be Felicity’s top choice of saddle and the results of the horses speak for themselves. 

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Equestrian Clothing

Hy Equestrian has been producing leading products at affordable prices for horse and rider since 1980, combining outstanding quality with excellent value. The Hy Equestrian range offers over 5000 products, with each one carefully researched and designed. Felicity is delighted to be working with a company that offers such a wide variety of products that are practical and stylish, perfect both home and away. There really is no need to shop anywhere else now!

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Equine Physiotherpist

PW Equine Physio is a valued sponsor of Felicity Collins Eventing, since the end of 2018. Based in East Sussex, Suzannah is a fully qualified equine physiotherapist. We are pleased to have Suzannah on board as not only our physio but also a sponsor. Suzannah is able to assess the horses throughout their busy competition schedule, with the aim to iron out any potential niggles predominantly through training and strengthening exercises before they become a problem. 



Luxury Footwear & Accessories

Established in 2013 by childhood friends, Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, Fairfax & Favor has descended upon the footwear industry as a luxury, British-born lifestyle brand. Fairfax & Favor products are of the highest quality and style. Their footwear range & accessories are perfect for trot ups at both International competitions, & non equestrian events. Felicity is honoured to have the support of this wonderful company having been a long standing admirer. 

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Sports Psychologist

Felicity started working with Jenni from FCC in 2018. Jenni's coaching is highly valuable, as this is a tough sport, not just physically, but mentally. Felicity has noticed a notable improvement in her mindset, which in turn has helped her competition performance. She puts the skills Jenni teaches her into action not just at competitions, but also on a daily basis when balancing running a business with being an athlete.



Equine Dentist

Felicity is delighted to have a already valued home team member, CMB Equine Dentistry, as a sponsor. Run by Charlee Bishop, BEVA/BVDA qualified equine dentist, having Charlee’s expertise not only as a team member but also a sponsor is a very welcome bonus. We always know the horses are in fantastic hands with Charlee, even first timers and nervous of patients. Charlee is outstanding at her job, and Felicity is very grateful to have her as part of the team.


Milly Grace accessories

Jewellery & accessories

Milly Grace is a glamorous jewellery & accessory brand, launched by good friend Emily Robinson. Milly Grace already has a variety of stunning designs & collections on offer to suit every occasion; such as 3 day trot ups & social events. "The launch of Milly Grace began with a vision of creating  jewellery collections which offer timeless elegant classics intermixed with statement pieces." You can get 15% off everything on the Milly Grace website by entering code “FELICITY15”.